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Information Flow: A Web of Constraints on the Giant Global Graph

Information flows on the Giant Global graph because of regularities. Those regularities are the result of constraints on parts of the Giant Global Graph. The flow of information based on these constraints means there are WEBS of data, not THE web of data. Rick provides a number of recommendations for Linked Data.

Open Government Linked Open Data

It was about this time a year ago when it became clear to me that that the Obama campaign’s fact sheet called Connecting and Empowering All Americans Through Technology and Innovation implied developing a government collaboration platform based on Linked Data. Shortly after the election in November and while serving as an invited expert on W3C’s electronic government interest group I wrote the Open Government: Linked Open Data use case that called for “new set of information technology architecture principles that align open government with citizen engagement in a networked society enabled by linked open data.”

Linking Open Data: An Emerging Practice Area for the Semantic Web

I think there’s a very important connection between LOD and President Obama’s Transparency and Open Government Directive (TOGD). Bear with me while I explain. First, the Internet design principles share a common set of values with TOGD. See Tim Berner’s Lee’s The World Wide Web and the Web of Life. Second, LOD is the only way to achieve the three goals in the TOGD – transparency, participation and collaboration – at Internet scale. Why Internet scale? Because only the Internet provides a broad enough reach to permeate today’s society.