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Tweets: New Vehicles for Meme Replication

Are you, like most newbies, asking yourself what’s up with Twitter? There’s no doubt that Twitter has captured everyone’s imagination, but what’s really happening on Twitter? And what’s really different about Twitter? The short answer is very fast replication of culture in the form of memes through a highly efficient vehicle called Tweets. Think Tweeme.

Complex Systems Road Trip

It was years in the making, but I finally made it to the New England Complex Systems Institute last week for CX201 – Complex Physical, Biological and Social Systems. My interest in complex systems started in or around 2000 when I was living near Cambridge and stumbled upon NECSI. At that time there was an active discussion of Peirce’s firstness, secondness and thirdness on the NECI listserv and this became my introduction to Peirce’s philosophy.