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The State of the Semantic Web: Representation and Realism

Danny Ayers made a request for comments on the state of the semantic web a few weeks ago. I’ll preface this post by saying the state of the semantic web is very good by which I mean some very good design decisions were made early on that ensured a vibrant academic research base, a broad marketplace for technology transfer and an eager community of technology providers to realize the vision of a web of meaning. I’m personally very positive overall on the state of the semantic web. The semantic web is now pretty close to the best of all possible worlds. (ha, ha, ha) All that being said it’s time to sharpen my pencil a bit and offer a critique on a few of the finer points of the state of the semantic web: representation and realism.

On a New List of Categories

I make available for all to use an OWL ontology of Charles Sander’s Perice’s “On a New List of Categories” under a Creative Commons By license. In this early manuscript (1868), we see the foundations of his semiotics that later matures in MS 478 Sundry Logical Conceptions, MS 450 Nomenclatures and Divisions of Triadic Relations and MS 517 New Elements.