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Peirce’s Semiotics in the Alignment of Formal Specifications Using Shared Concepts

Demonstrates the value of Perice’s semiotics in ontology alignment and unification. It shows that a) OWL SameAs is a degenerate case of using a global semiotic domain ontology based on Peirce’s thirdness or mediation; b) the semiotic domain provides deeper insights into how machine understanding can model human understanding; and c) how to use type inferencing with the Pellet description logic reasoner. There’s much more to be done than what this small example demonstrates. This example is just the beginning of developing a semiotic domain.

To Pragmaticism and Beyond: The Emergence of Meaning in Complex Systems

The central topic for this post is to sketch out a program for developing a new theory of meaning. In short, my hypothesis is this: a) semantics provides a theory of representation and truth; b) semiotics provides a theory signs and their interpretation; c) pragmaticism defines the effect of a conception on other objects as the whole of the conception; and d) meaning emerges in a complex system through the convergence of relational properties and domain knowledge.

Complex Systems Road Trip

It was years in the making, but I finally made it to the New England Complex Systems Institute last week for CX201 – Complex Physical, Biological and Social Systems. My interest in complex systems started in or around 2000 when I was living near Cambridge and stumbled upon NECSI. At that time there was an active discussion of Peirce’s firstness, secondness and thirdness on the NECI listserv and this became my introduction to Peirce’s philosophy.