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Sample Terms for Practical Type Inference for Arbitrary Rank Types

I’ve been heads down following from my past work on Model Driven Architecture, Ontology and Logic(s). The questions that arise naturally in the course of studying these topics lead me to closely examine quantification and type systems. Higher rank types provide both a mechanism for polymorphism and high assurance in the subjects that motivated my study.

High Assurance Functional RDF in Haskell

Higher Assurance Functional RDF in Haskell describes the results of my recent code writing project. The purpose of the project is to demonstrate each of the capabilities suggested by the title above in a working solution and to develop a set of practices to deliver such a solution.

Information Flow: A Web of Constraints on the Giant Global Graph

Information flows on the Giant Global graph because of regularities. Those regularities are the result of constraints on parts of the Giant Global Graph. The flow of information based on these constraints means there are WEBS of data, not THE web of data. Rick provides a number of recommendations for Linked Data.