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Quiet Nights and Quiet Stars

Six month retrospective on thinking small. I describe work optimizing GHC backend like LLVM, conversion of Paul Tarau’s bijective Godel numbering to term algebras in regular shape polymorphic parallel arrays library. I note Vladimir Veovodsky’s interest in Martin-Lof Type theory. And Agda as a potential target implementation for univalent foundations in mathematics.

Possibilians and Logicians: Think Small in 2011

Think small. That’s my New Year’s resolution in 2011. No, I don’t plan to become narrow-minded, but to think more clearly: to think as a logician.

Information Flow: A Web of Constraints on the Giant Global Graph

Information flows on the Giant Global graph because of regularities. Those regularities are the result of constraints on parts of the Giant Global Graph. The flow of information based on these constraints means there are WEBS of data, not THE web of data. Rick provides a number of recommendations for Linked Data.