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Information Flow: A Web of Constraints on the Giant Global Graph

Information flows on the Giant Global graph because of regularities. Those regularities are the result of constraints on parts of the Giant Global Graph. The flow of information based on these constraints means there are WEBS of data, not THE web of data. Rick provides a number of recommendations for Linked Data.

1896: The Year We Did Linked Data Right

Sometimes we already have things right. Such is the case with RDF and Existential Graphs of Charles Sanders Peirce, or so said Pat Hayes of the Institute for Human Machine Cognition in his invited keynotes at ISWC 2009 called BLOGIC: Now What’s in a Link.

Formal Systems, Common Logic and LBase

Folks might enjoy the Soloman Feferman lecture Goedel, Nagel, Minds and Machines. After recounting an exchange between Godel and Nagel circa 1956, Feferman describes the implications of the minds vs. machines dichotomy ensuing from the exchange.