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Possibilians and Logicians: Think Small in 2011

Think small. That’s my New Year’s resolution in 2011. No, I don’t plan to become narrow-minded, but to think more clearly: to think as a logician.

Recipes from the Mashup Cookbook

Cookbooks are a tradition in software and mashups are all the rage today, so I couldn’t resist starting a mashup cookbook. But, before I show some of my recipes and what I have in the oven, I thought I’d explain the role mashups and social production play in solving a problem too hard and too expensive to solve under conditions controlled by corporations or the government. An issue we face today is producing a sufficiently complex mirrror world to match the needs of an information society.

Tweets: New Vehicles for Meme Replication

Are you, like most newbies, asking yourself what’s up with Twitter? There’s no doubt that Twitter has captured everyone’s imagination, but what’s really happening on Twitter? And what’s really different about Twitter? The short answer is very fast replication of culture in the form of memes through a highly efficient vehicle called Tweets. Think Tweeme.