On a New List of Categories

I make available for all to use an OWL ontology of Charles Sander’s Perice’s “On a New List of Categories” under a Creative Commons By license. In this early manuscript (1868), we see the foundations of his semiotics that later matures in MS 478 Sundry Logical Conceptions, MS 450 Nomenclatures and Divisions of Triadic Relations and MS 517 New Elements.

I specified the ontology in Swoop using the Pellet description logic reasoner. These open source tools serve as an excellent reference implementation and I’m confident the ontology can be loaded in other semantic web tools. Once you load the ontology, be sure to turn on Pellet and watch the list classify into the categories !

Although I’m sure the ontology can be improved in many ways, I hope you find it as useful as I did in furthering your understanding of how Peirce’s semiotics better informs our conception of semantics beyond what’s available on today’s Semantic Web.