The Fourth Natural Law of Federation: The Law of Limits

The new year’s here and with the passing of 2007, its time for me to add a new law to the Natural Laws of Federation called The Law of Limits. These laws are just thought a experiment, but adding The Law of Limits says a lot about what I’ve come to believe after having the opportunity to closely study ontology, logic, semiotics, category theory, complex systems over the past few years. Before you read the Law of Limits, I highly recommend #3 of the Ten Predictions from Stevey’s Drunken Blog Rants which inspired the Law of Limits.

The Law of Limits: Complex systems exhibit continuous adaptation when characteristics of the system function as limits. When characteristics of the system function as breakpoints, adaptation is stepwise. Knowledge is a characteristic of information sharing that functions as a breakpoint. And we need to accelerate knowledge transfer from the academic research community to both public and private sectors to achieve a breakthrough in information sharing.