New Principles of Governance: The Natural Laws of Federation

With Enterprise Architecture on the rocks these days, organizations are looking for a fresh approach to governance. Most folks become frustrated or ambivalent after a few years of being squeezed between centralization and localization. And most aren’t making the connection to complex systems.

So as a thought experiment, here are three new principles of governance which I call the Natural Laws of Federation. As Hobbes described in Leviathan, going against natural laws means going against self preservation.

  1. The Law of Approximation: The behavioral and structural characteristics of our governance mechanisms must closely approximate the systems we govern And the pervasiveness of internet technology is driving most governance structures towards scale free networks, or Federation.
  2. Law of Emergence: Discovery precedes determinism. We don’t all need to agree first, agree on everything, or agree on the same thing. And we need to share information beyond our scope of control.
  3. Law of Generativity: We’ll know more tomorrow than we do today.. Advancement, growth and sustainability imply tolerance, independent invention, free extension, language mixing, and partial understanding.